MET ENGINEERING was founded in February of 2001 and will undertake work in domestic and international market, with the latest technology and design of mechanical, electrical and general engineering allows finding solutions.

MET ENGINEERING, ever-evolving industry's technical innovations, quality, as applicable, vendor-independent solutions to its customers a reliable, strong technical partner and serves as a partner.

Russia, Algeria, Romania, Libya, Macedonia, the Turkic Republics (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan) to throw a very wide geographic area and the signature of numerous projects in many of these countries are still actively carrying out its activities MET ENGINEERING, electro-mechanical engineering services "unlimited service and customer satisfaction" with the principle continues to do.

MET ENGINEERING, business centers, hotels, industrial buildings, social buildings, such as a multi-functional structure, mechanical and electrical contractor successfully accomplished so far is a joint venture aims to an international contractor companies.
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